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Finland's secret is now in the US....

Mehu-Liisa, a simple-to-use, stove-top appliance from Finland produces health-giving juice by the gallon and steamed food with melt-in-your mouth goodness. No electricity! No moving parts! 10-year guarantee on all stainless steel parts. Many say the Mehu-Liisa is... "the world's best juicer"

Here's a story from one of our customers:

A friend of ours has a grape arbor that produces some of the best tasting grapes anywhere. We're welcome to as many as we want. But their tough skins and many seeds always make eating them a time-consuming effort. Then we were introduced to the Mehu-Liisa steam cooker and juicer...

Now we pick grapes by the bushel, turning them into juice of exquisite flavor. Perhaps because of the qualities imparted by the thick skins and seeds, the juice has the consistency, almost, of light cream and a smooth-as-silk feel to it. Our friends say juice isn't an adequate description. They call it "grape nectar."

The Mehu-Liisa works as a juicer using steam to rupture the fruit cells, releasing all the rich juice. At the same time the steam replaces the lost juice in the fruit itself. That's why grapes, for instance, will look almost as plump after juicing as before. But try eating one of these grapes and all you'll get is a mouthful of water. The richly flavored, nectar-like juice has been captured in the juice container to the delight of your family and dinner guests.

Our juicing doesn't end there. We juice wild raspberries and blackberries from a Maine mountainside. Store bought fruits, at the peak of ripeness but going at bargain rates because the shelf life is just about over, also make outstanding juice.

Opa Oy company makes the Mehu-Liisa in Finland. Today steam juicers are more common in Finland than toaster-ovens in the U.S. In fact, Finland's passion for processing berries, grapes, and other fruits into home-made juices is sometimes referred to as a "magnificent obsession."

Finns make more juice at home per capita than any other nation. All season long people fan out across the land, gathering wild berries, turning them into enough home made juice each year to sink the Titanic...and the major reason for this dedication is the stove-top steamer that makes juice extraction as simple as boiling water.

Many Finns start their day with a tall glass of juice and it's just as likely to be home made as store bought. Much of the juice is turned into jellies. And a gift of bottled juice or home-made jelly is highly thought of over there.

Now, Finland's secret is catching on here in the US and for good reason. The Mehu-Liisa juicer works so well and so easily. It turns out a gallon of pasteurized juice at a time. Here's how:

1. Simply fill the water pot and place on stove to boil. 2. Rinse fruit and place in steam basket. No need to pit or stem. 3. About 40 minutes later you'll start to draw off some of the most delectable juice you ever tasted. Entire process will be completed in little over an hour.

Brenda, who runs a small family restaurant in Maine, makes grape jelly, lots of it, each year. This past fall, however, she wondered out loud if it was worth the effort because extracting the juice and straining it through cheese cloth was so much trouble.

There's a "much, much easier way," we quickly told her and the next morning we brought her our Mehu-Liisa.

At breakfast two days later she rushed over to our table with grape jelly to try. As a Mainer she's more given to understatement than exaggeration but she couldn't hold back her praise for the juicer. "That thing's amazing," she said. "It was so easy to use and the juice came pouring out." Her husband's terse comment: "That juicer's something else!"

When you've tried the Mehu-Liisa we think you'll agree, it's the world's best juicer. But it's also much more than a juicer. When you're not turning fruit into delectable health-promoting juice, your Mehu-Liisa will steam fish that melts in your mouth and vegetables that will leave your dinner guests raving about your cooking.

It's a recognized fact in the food industry: Steam cooking makes fresh food taste great, particularly vegetables which don't lose their flavor or nutrients because they don't surrender them to boiling water.

As your steamer the Mehu-Liisa will cook fish in a way that will make the sea-food lovers in your family drool. You know what a good chowder is like. Fabulous flavor but it's all in the liquid, the fish itself has been boiled, tasteless. Not so when you steam fish in your Mehu-Lisa. Nothing's lost or given away because there's no liquid to lose it in. The melt-in-your mouth tenderness is crammed with all the flavor the sea has to offer.

It's the same with vegetables. Carrots are the sweetest ever because they've not been boiled in water. On the other hand continue steaming those carrots for 50 minutes or more and the carrots will surrender their juices...not carrot-flavored water but the sweet, rich flavors of the carrot juice itself.

In your Mehu-Liisa, you have a two-for-one appliance -- a remarkable juicer that's also a splendid cooker. It's like a buy-one-get-one-free offer! At peak harvest times your Mehu-Liisa will probably be used primarily as a juicer. But, as a cooker ...

It's far and away the best juicer we've ever come across and we doubt we'll ever find a better one. And it's a first-rate cooker too. You'll use it all year long!

Thank you for reading this Mehu-Liisa story!

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